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Well Organized Closet

Why you need Simplified Living...

Life has unexpected turns, such as loss of a spouse, illness, divorce, and relocation that make it very difficult to stay organized and in control. It is important to have spaces and processes that allow us to function and feel in control so we can better focus on managing life's greater challenges. Simplified Living can help such customers build daily routines, de-clutter living spaces, organize paperwork, and manage personal records more effectively - all done with empathy and trust.

Have you, or someone you love, recently experienced a life changing event and now have no idea how you are going to manage the confusion and workload of getting the household decluttered and organized?

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed by all of the responsibilities following the death of a spouse or family member or some other life changing event - or do you know someone who may be feeling this way?


Our mission is to help people who find themselves in these situations. Let us help you, and those you live, find order and simplicity and take control over their homes and lives.


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