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“Cardinals appear when angels are near”

Anyone who has lost a loved one knows it is not easy; they know that the pain doesn’t just disappear with time; they know that, no matter how many days pass, there will always be a hole in their heart. What many people look over, though, are the gifts that are given to one who goes through this difficult process. These gifts can come in many different ways, whether it be a greater appreciation for life, reconnecting with family after years of separation, or an understanding of personal strength. After losing my dad last year, I experienced pain and sorrow like never before, but I also gained valuable insight into who I am and how I want to live my life - which I am eternally grateful for.

I am the founder of Simplified Living, a company providing professional consulting services for all types of home and personal organization. Aside from my business, I am a mother of three children (four if you count my husband!), and three furry babies (two cats and one dog)! Though I currently live in Northern Virginia, I have always considered New Jersey my home, and am excited to be moving back this year to be close to my family once again. Getting my house ready for sale has been a year-long process, and I have learned many tips and tricks along the way that I hope to share in future posts. One fun fact about me: I love tennis, and my one regret in life is that I didn’t start playing sooner! Some of my core values, which happen to be my company’s values as well, are family, trust, empathy, and compassion; it is through these that I find balance and beauty in life.

I have always been an organized person, but I didn’t discover my passion for organization and decluttering until I found myself by my mom’s side after my dad’s passing, helping her work through paperwork, pictures, and my dad’s belongings. I couldn’t imagine someone going through this process alone, so I took it upon myself to create a company to guarantee no one would have to.

In starting my business, I knew that I wanted to make it have personal meaning. It was my dad that introduced me to my passion, and I wanted to honor that gift; this is why I chose the red cardinal as the logo. It is said that the red cardinal is a representative of a loved one who has passed, and ever since my dad’s passing, I have seen them in times of need. I truly believe that my dad is here with me, giving me strength when I need it and reminding me to appreciate the small things in life. In addition to providing guidance and assistance with decluttering, I hope to share the comfort of the red cardinal with clients. Thank you for taking time to read my first blog post, and remember to smile the next time you see a red cardinal, as it is a sign from above.

Meredith Kasun

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