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"Get rid of the trash to make room for the treasures." - Peter Walsh

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. For me, it is about seeing the people I love, and coming together to give thanks and enjoy each other’s company. Not to mention, the great food!! One of my fondest memories is us gathering around my Dad in the kitchen, watching him as he carved the turkey. He was a bit of a master at it! Last year, when it came time for me to help my Mom declutter her home for her upcoming move, I asked if I could have this platter. For me, it represents Thanksgiving and the amazing memories I shared with my family at my parent’s home. Sadly, due to COVID, I won’t be able to host my Mom and the rest of the family at our home in NJ. We are still going to carry on the tradition as best we can, and the platter will help us keep that sense of togetherness. Always in our hearts Dad. You are missed.

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