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Simplified Living services
Loss navigation and support
We can help individuals and families who are dealing with the loss of a spouse, parent, or other family member manage the tasks at hand to help ease this transition and grieving process. This includes making a plan to manage important responsibilities such as dealing with bills, getting tax, legal and financial assistance, managing the home and property, and dealing with grief and personal health.

House and home organizing
We can help organize the house, de-clutter rooms, and assist in making sure the home is safe, comfortable, and easy to manage. Assist in collecting and cleaning out a client’s loved one’s possessions. Establish a daily/weekly plan to help a client regain the confidence to live in control again. 

Paperwork organization
We can help with organization of financial, medical, insurance, legal, and personal documents and communications, and establishing routines to ensure that bills and other important matters are taken care of effectively.

Manage photos and memories
We can assist in collecting and organizing photos and other sentimental items to ensure they are safe, protected, properly organized and stored.  

Support and sympathy
We offer resources for bereavement groups and therapy. Lend and ear and a shoulder for a client to lean on. 

End of life planning
We can help individuals and families prepare for life changing events, such as the loss of a spouse or parent. This includes establishing end of life plans (gathering and organizing paperwork), maintaining inventory records of an estate, creating contact lists, de-cluttering spaces, assist with packing for a relocation or downsizing move.   

How we work
Every situation is different, so each engagement starts with a phone consultation to discuss your needs, goals, and expected outcomes. For new customers, there will also be an in-person visit to meet and get to know you, and understand your challenges and needs. From there, Simplified Living will provide a general plan and proposal for how we can work with you to meet your goals.

From there, a Simplified Living Consultant will work on-site with you in scheduled visits (usually 2-3 hours). Each visit will have a defined goal, and the consultant will always work side-by-side with you, ensuring everyone is comfortable with all of the work and learning the processes, themselves. The schedule of visits will be determined in our planning and may change over time based on your needs, and will continue until the established goals and outcomes are met. 


Personal Organization
Transtion Consulting
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