The wardrobe, closet in which everything

Personal, professional decluttering specialist
Home and personal decluttering
Simplified Living will help you declutter just about any space in your home: a closet, pantry, garage, storage room, kitchen, bedroom - even the whole house. 

Life event and transition consulting
Life has unexpected turns, such as loss of a spouse, illness, divorce, and relocation that make it very difficult to stay organized. It is important to have spaces and processes that allow us to function and feel in control so we can better focus on managing life's greater challenges. Simplified Living can help such customers build daily routines, de-clutter living spaces, organize paperwork, and manage personal records more effectively - all done with empathy and trust.

Pre-and-post moving/downsizing organization management
Customers who are trying to get their homes ready for sale, trying to minimize the load before coordinating a move, or who want to start off on the right foot when moving into a new space can often use a helping hand getting it done. Simplified Living will help customers figure out what to keep, what to purge, how to organize before packing, and how to unpack effectively - helping you sell faster, move more easily, and remove as much stress in the process as possible.

How it works 
Every project is different, so each engagement starts with a phone consultation to discuss your needs, goals, and expected outcomes. For new customers, there will also be an in-person visit to meet and get to know you, and get a first-hand look at the project you have in mind. From there, Simplified Living will provide a general written estimate for the amount required for the project and a timeframe for getting it done.

Once the project starts, a Simplified Living Consultant will work on-site with you in scheduled 3-hour visits. Each visit will have a defined goal, and the consultant will always work side-by-side with the customer, ensuring they are comfortable with all of the work and they are learning the processes, themselves. The schedule of visits will be determined by the customer and the consultant, and will continue until the established goals and outcomes are met.