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About Simplified Living...

Simplified Living, LLC was started by Meredith Kasun in 2019 to provide professional decluttering consulting services in Northern Virginia - and moved to Monmouth County, New Jersey in 2020. We specialize in helping those who need assistance due to lifestyle-changing events, such as the loss of a spouse, illness, divorce, or relocation - providing services to help bring organization and control to their new lifestyle.


Our Mission...

Our mission is to help empower our customers to find order and simplicity in their lives. We aspire to earn customers' trust and work with them to achieve their goals - and to help them be self-sufficient into the future. 

Our Values...

  • Trust - we recognize that customers need to have full trust and confidence in order to open their homes and challenges to us. We will always act with integrity and work hard to earn and keep customer trust.

  • Empathy and compassion - every customer has a life story and is deserving of respect and understanding. We do not judge. We only seek opportunities to help and ways to empower customers to help themselves.

  • Health and safety - the health and safety of our customers and our consultants must always be the highest priority. This includes physical safety, personal health, and mental well being.

  • Measurable and sustainable impact - we are there to do a job for our customers, and we are committed to getting it done in a way that exceeds expectations and has an impact. Furthermore, we work *with* customers on projects so they can learn skills that enable them to continue the decluttering work after our project is finished.

About Meredith...


Meredith Kasun is a mother of three children (son: 23, daughter: 21, son: 17) who was raised and now lives in Monmouth County, New Jersey - and she has always had an amazing aptitude for organization and management. After graduating with a degree in Business Management, she spent her early career as an excess inventory sales manager for Maidenform and Warnaco in New York City. She left the fashion industry after the birth of her first son to focus on raising her family. Apart from being a mom over the last 20 years, in her spare time Meredith managed to start a few small companies and managed operations for each (bookkeeping, receivables, scheduling etc.), where her organization and management skills proved to be a tremendous asset.

Meredith’s first exposure to wanting a career in professional organizing came through her own life changes. After the recent loss of her Father, Meredith realized the challenge that now faced her mother. Her parents were married for 52 years, residing in her childhood home for almost 50 years. The loss of Meredith’s Father was unexpected - leaving her mother to an overwhelming task of running and keeping the house in order. Meredith's father had always been responsible for their finances, management of the bills, dealing with home repairs, cars, taxes, and other ongoing paperwork - and this all now fell to her mother. In addition, her mother needed to organize the house, de-clutter rooms, and arrange old clothing and personal items so she could feel comfortable at home. The volume of work was terribly daunting, and the underlying grief made it an even greater dilemma.


Desperately wanting to help, Meredith decided to commit as much time as possible to work with her mother to overcome the challenge. They started by gathering and organizing the necessary financial, medical, and insurance paperwork, enabling her mother to pay her bills on time and make the necessary legal changes necessary. They worked together to establish a daily/weekly plan that helped her regain the confidence to live in control of her home again. From there, they began to go room-by-room, organizing and removing the clutter - helping the house to become more manageable and in her control. Meredith also worked with her mother to collect all of the photos and other collections around the house to ensure they were properly organized and stored, so that the memories would never be lost.

Through this experience, Meredith realized how much she enjoyed being there to help support someone using her organizational skills and experience - and the ability to do this type of work has become a true passion for her. With that motivation, and as a tribute to her parents, Meredith became a member of National Association of Productivity & Organizing (NAPO) and the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), pursued and achieved a certificate in Fundamental Organizing and Productivity Principles - and then opened the doors on her company, Simplified Living.

In 2021, Meredith's mother passed away unexpectedly, giving Meredith an even deeper perspective of grief, loss, and the impact on families. This led her to re-focus the business to specifically provide help and support to families who are dealing with loss, preparing for loss, or who are managing disruptive life-changing events.   

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